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How To Eat Sushi

Etiquette & Ordering

How To Eat Sushi

If it is your first time to a sushi restaurant, here is some info on how to eat sushi so you will feel right at home, knowing both the etiquette and have a good idea what to order.

Kenichi can guarantee high quality fish and a great first dining experience, restaurants that offer all you can eat do not always have the best fish. Or that serve sushi as an option to their main food selection may it be Chinese or Thai may also not have the best quality. Nor do we need to use excessive sauces on our sushi; quality fish needs only minimal seasoning to taste excellent.

If possible get a seat at the Sushi bar, we may have a wait but this give you a chance to see the fish before you order and meet the sushi chef . This is part of the experience of eating at Kenichi and if you like the chef can make suggestions on specials or even perhaps treat you to some tastes of things you may not normally try.

When ordering and eating sushi it is important to know that there are three main types of sushi each with its own method of preparation and service. The most popular type of sushi is the “Roll” or Norimaki. We use quality cuts of fish rolled in dried seaweed with rice. Our “Specialty Rolls” combine multiple types of fish, some with other ingredients such as vegetables or fruits. The inside out roll with the rice on the outside instead of the inside of the roll is also very popular.

Another menu item is Nigiri, small balls or rice topped with fish or shellfish. The fish is often tied on with a single strip of seaweed.

Sashimi is simply thin slices of sushi quality fish served on a platter. They may have a glaze or sauce to compliment the flavor, maybe a slice of jalapeno but at heart it is the fish in all its glory.

The table will have soy sauce and wasabi will be served with the appropriate dishes, these are the condiments for your dinner. Traditionally you should only put soy sauce in your dish and then apply small amounts of wasabi directly to your sushi. Ginger is served with most orders and allows you to cleanse your pallet between each different type of sushi, allowing you to fully enjoy the flavors of each type of fish you select.

It is proper to eat sushi with your hands so if you cannot handle chopsticks feel free to pick up the pieces with your finger. Chopsticks are more elegant however if you are trying to impress your date.

It may seem contrary, but to compliment the sushi chef don’t finish, when you do it is considered a sign that you are still hungry and that the chef did not make enough, if you do eat the last bite be sure to complement the chef and let him know you are full.

We look forward to seeing you in our fine restaurant, and remember we were voted, Best Sushi in Dallas, so you know it is going to be good.

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